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Choosing the latin quarter

High place of the French-speaking culture of Montreal, the Latin Quarter is the commercial heart of a major student pole, accessible to all. Located on rue Saint-Denis, between Sherbrooke and Sainte-Catherine, and at the same time on Sherbrooke, Ontario and Maisonneuve, between Sanguinet and Savoie, the many large-scale events, the vibrant and student population, the accessibility create important criteria to get a winning recipe. With a solid business plan, the support and service to members offered by the SDC, and the many advantages of the territory, a new business can succeed and be established for a long time.


The Latin Quarter is a central district, close to the plateau, the Village, the city center, is within walking distance from the Place des festivals and is located in the East pole of the Quartier des spectacles. Accessible location, the district is connected to the Berri-UQAM station, the busiest of the network with more than 35,000 trips per day, to the bus station, to two bicycle paths that cross and run along our streets, to 6 bixi stations that surround the neighborhood, and finally, more than 2,300 parking spaces are distributed in 5 underground parking lots as well as on the street.

A diverse clientele

Known for its fun bars and shops, the Latin quarter mainly attracts young customers (18-34 years) through its proximity to educational establishments. This clientele makes up most of the residents of the neighborhood. The numerous cultural and dissemination venues also attract an Epicurean clientele and those seeking experience. Finally, the numerous institutions and offices surrounding the district attract, on a daily basis, a business clientele, looking for places conducive to exchanges, meetings and discussions.

Goodwill and attractiveness

The traffic in the Latin Quarter, in constant evolution, is generated by different poles of attractions: - 50K students annually, 8K visitors per day to the BAnQ, 16K CHUM employees, 40 places of cultural diffusion with rich programming (ex. : Cinéplex Cinema, St-Denis Theater, Cinémathèque Québécoise, etc.), more than 600K festival-goers taking advantage of the activities organized throughout the year (e.g. Montreal Completely Circus, Launch of the terrace season, Back to school Festival OUMF, Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma, and more).

Role of the SDC

The Latin Quarter Development Corporation contributes, through its initiatives, to promoting the commercial and cultural development of the district, by creating a clean, safe, unique, distinctive and entertaining environment for its members, residents and clienteles.

Available locals

The available rue Saint-Denis, main street of our territory, is made up of many bars and restaurants, some shops of services and details, fun places for the epicureans and the most curious! Do you think you want to settle in the Latin Quarter? Here are all the vacant premises available for rental!


Support for traders

By establishing yourself in our territory, you will have access to many services. Here are the main activities in which the SDC develops innovative and strategic projects:


- Opportunity to go out on the street during trade fairs and events taking place on our streets

- Visibility offered in our communication tools

- Promotional tools developed for the different clienteles of the district (Ex .: Tourism, residents, students, workers, etc.)


- Involvement in concertation tables and committees according to the challenges of the territory (e.g. roaming)

- Defense of the interests and issues of members with the Borough


- Increase natural ridership by creating attractive events, such as: OUMF Back to School Festival, Launch of the terrace season, Extension of alcohol licenses on the evening of Nuit Blanche, etc.

- Partnerships with different key players in the neighborhood, such as: Completely Circus Montreal, Quebec Cinema Rendez-vous, Gourmet Night, Nuit Blanche, and more.

- Lighting and decoration project for the different seasons annually (Horticulture, winter decorations, etc.)

- Cleanliness program

- Receptionist program to improve the feeling of security

Member services

- The SDC supports members in their efforts such as for membership in grants, permit applications to the Ville-Marie Borough, and other organizations

- Creation of training courses specially designed for the needs of traders

- Networking

The tools

Support guide for opening a business

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Contact us

The Latin Quarter Development Corporation is a small team that works hard for the well-being of the area and its businesses! Discover the faces behind the posts and learn more about their tasks.

Angélique Lecesve

Executive Director
1726 rue Saint-Denis
Montréal (Québec) H2X 3K6
Phone: 438-995-2111

Florence Landry

Member Service and Commercial Recruitment Coordinator
1726 rue Saint-Denis
Montréal (Québec) H2X 3K6
Phone: 514-664-0304

Sundeep Patel

Field operations coordinator
1726 rue Saint-Denis
Montréal (Québec) H2X 3K6
Phone: 514-692-4030

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