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Come and have a cup of coffee in one of our 27 bars and cafés. We’ll chat about the youthful and wild variety of our 60 businesses, and about our members’ services. Among 40 restaurants we celebrate friendship, by tasting gastronomy from a dozen of countries from all around the world. We’ll flirt across 83 dreamy terraces, from dawn to the last leaf. Should winter be a problem, 30 cinema screens, venues and theatre stages will help us get warm again.

What do you say? You have a choice of 9 inns, or you can come and meet us by walking, cycling or taking the metro.

Your choice will be ours!

Team of the Société de Développement du Quartier latin

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1726 rue Saint-Denis, bureau 305
Montréal (Québec) H2X 2K6
Phone 514-849-4906

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