2008 : Carlito Dalceggio Mural

This mural was created by artist Carlito Dalceggio

Carlito Dalceggio is a member of the MU Board of Directors and Artistic Committee. In 2008, he completed three murals for MU.

Two of them are located on Saint-Denis Street in the Quartier Latin: the first is adjacent to the Quartier Latin Hotel and the second appears on the wall of restaurant Dei Campari. The last fresco is located at the corner of Prince-Arthur and De Bullion.

He also performed a live mural painting at the 20th SIDIM Awards in May 2008 to support and promote MU's operations. In June 2007, Carlito Dalceggio designed a 40' X 60' mural as part of Toronto's new LUMINATO Festival. His mural paintings are shown on YouTube.com in the short films produced by Stéphane Cocke.

Montréal-born Carlito's influences come from destinations such as Bali, New York, India or Mexico. Each location has enhanced his artistic creation and led him beyond his own sense of aesthetics, deeply rooted in his tribal spirit. As a citizen of the world and a modern-day nomad, Carlito is seeking to unite art and life in perfect balance. Carlito lives the present moment at its highest vibration through love, nature, vision and consciousness, his main sources of inspiration.

He channels his inspiration through vernacular symbols removed from their original context and confers new meaning onto them thus creating a new unified, yet sometimes complex, image.

His paintings illustrate recurrent patterns carrying deep meaning. A hand, for example, represents a powerful symbol of man's character, whereas a circle will deify the magnificence of a perfect line. Carlito Dalceggio sustains visual rhythm in his work with continuous strokes symbolizing infinity.